Our 90th Birthday!

As long as we appreciate the wonder of childhood, the magic of fireworks, the simple pleasure of a summer picnic on the grass, the sweet smell of the air after a spring rain, and as long as we maintain the curiosity of a child into adulthood... Oglebay Park will endure.

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Your Oglebay Story

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Read Their Oglebay Story
Flip & Gary West

Flip & Gary West recall their fond memories of Oglebay Park.

Featured Program: Access to the Parks

A program that assures that all area children are able to take advantage of our parks. With the extreme downsizing of industry in the Ohio Valley, and the moving of many companies, the economic base for Wheeling and the surrounding areas has become a challenge.

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Guide to Giving

Help build the foundation for Oglebay’s future and support the world’s most outstanding municipal park system. When you make a gift to The Oglebay Foundation, you become part of a passionate community.

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Learn the rich and storied history behind Oglebay and Wheeling Parks.

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