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Ways to Give

100% of every donation is invested in the Park you LOVE

Make A Difference   Have An Impact  Leave A Legacy

Donations to the Oglebay Foundation provide for Oglebay’s future while supporting the world’s most outstanding municipal park system. When you make a gift to the Oglebay Foundation, you strengthen your connection to the park you love and become part of a community of people who care passionately about family, tradition, neighbors, youth, conservation, health, and beauty of this incredible place.

Generous contributions from individuals like you help provide the funds necessary to operate, maintain, and grow Oglebay and Wheeling Park. Your gift today is tomorrow’s legacy.

Gifts may be made online as either a one-time gift or a monthly, recurring sustaining support. You may also mail a check to the Oglebay Foundation or contact the Oglebay Foundation at 304-243-4166 to make a gift over the phone. These gifts can be designated toward a specific program or facility in the parks or may be given in honor or memory of a loved one.

If you are interested in learning more about planned gifts, bequests, sponsorships, and naming opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact the Oglebay Foundation by phone at 304-243-4166 or via email: for more specific information.

Current Projects

Power of Giving

Generous financial contributions from individuals like you help provide the necessary funds to operate and grow Oglebay and Wheeling Park. 

Whether that support occurs now or in the future, it’s important that we have the opportunity to thank you for your support because of its impact on the Parks, so please let us know your plans.

Unrestricted Giving

The most powerful gift to the Oglebay Foundation is one where you the donor allow the Foundation’s board of directors the discretion to use your gift where the need is the greatest. This flexibility may allow the Foundation to match donations from other donor sources such as federal, state and local grants which often require the Foundation to provide matching funds, or to resolve an unfunded emergency.

Cash Donations

Most gifts to the Oglebay Foundation take this form, and it is as easy as writing a check or using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card or PayPal account. Checks should be made payable to: Oglebay Foundation

Gift of Appreciated Property

With careful planning, charitable gifts of long-term appreciated securities or real estate can create very favorable tax benefits, such as the elimination of paying long-term capital gains tax and receiving an income tax charitable deduction.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match your contribution to the Oglebay Foundation. Submit your company’s matching gift form with your contribution and it can significantly increase your support and associated giving level.


Gifts of goods or services can be of great financial assistance to the Oglebay Foundation, while offering the donor a tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift. Please consult your tax advisor or contact the Oglebay Foundation for further information.

Life Insurance

Many, if not most people, own some form of life insurance. Life insurance can play a very important part in planned charitable giving. Life insurance for charitable purposes can be accomplished by 1) the transfer of ownership of an existing policy to the Oglebay Foundation, or 2) the purchase of life insurance which names the Oglebay Foundation as the beneficiary and/or owner.

Life Income & Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts and charitable gift annuities offer an opportunity to make a substantial gift to the Oglebay Foundation without forfeiting the annual income produced by these assets. You can retain income for your life and the life of your spouse. This gift can also be structured to create a substantial tax benefit over a period of years.


Gifts through wills and bequests can provide you with the opportunity to honor and sustain your family name in conjunction with the Oglebay Foundation’s name recognition program. The Oglebay Foundation will work with you and your attorney to provide you with the language necessary to ensure that your intentions are clearly expressed.

 Annual Giving

“The parks have always been outstanding and so efficiently run. When you give a gift to the parks, you know it will go entirely toward the project for which it was meant.”

– Dr. Robert Sonneborn on his family’s long relationship with Wheeling’s parks.

Annual Membership Benefits

Individuals and organizations donating $25 or more a year receive an annual calendar and reports of progress at the park.

Annual donors of $100 or more are Friends of Oglebay, receiving additional benefits including an annual subscription to the quarterly newsletter, American Ideal.

Asset 1@2x
 $100 – $999 

Friends of Oglebay provide support with gifts of up to $999 and are part of a cherished community who play an essential part of our donor family — collectively embodying the spirit of giving that drives our parks forward.

  • Exclusive Wall Calendar

  • Subscription to the “American Ideal”

  • Invitation to the Leadership Breakfast

Waddington Farms Logo
 $1,000 – $2,027

Waddington Farm Society Members play a vital role in sustaining Earl Oglebay’s warm and welcoming spirit. Your generosity at this level brings you closer to the heart of our community, offering meaningful connections and memorable experiences.

  • Prior level benefits included

  • Special invitation to our Salute to Patriotism Event

  • Access to Oglebayfest Hospitality 

2028 Logo@2x
 $2,028 – $4,999 

Members of the 2028 Circle shape Oglebay’s future and provide support for the exciting centennials on our horizon. This circle illustrates that today’s donors are part of the WPC’s next century.

  • Prior level benefits included

  • Exclusive BBQ Concert Invitation

  • Invitation to Light Up Night

SC Logo@3x
$5,000 and up

W.E. Stone Circle members extraordinary commitment ensures continued excellence in our parks and inspires others to follow Mr. Stone’s lead, enhancing the quality of life in the Ohio Valley.

  • Prior level benefits included

  • Invitation to Fine Wine Food & Friends

  • Exclusive Garden Bistro Sneak Peek

Earl W. Oglebay Legacy Society Logo

Estate Plans

Members of this society continue the Visionary legacy of Earl W. Oglebay by including Oglebay, Wheeling Park and/or the Good Zoo in their estate plans. Your transformative dedication leaves a lasting impact on our parks and the generations of families and visitors who use them.

  • Prior level benefits included

  • Invitation to Legacy Society Luncheon, where we honor your visionary generosity.

4Ever Logo@2x


New Society for the under-50 civic leaders in our community. Information to come.


One Gift,

A Lifetime Investment

  • Keep us thriving with your gift.

  • Take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits

  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

One Gift,

A Lifetime Investment

  • Keep us thriving with your gift.

  • Take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits

  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations