Your Oglebay Story

Oglebay Park’s rich history is tantamount to the new memories that are created every day by visitors like you. Read the stories of some of those who enjoy the park and learn how you can help the Oglebay Foundation ensure that Oglebay Park will be here to inspire its visitors and to create new memories for generations to come.

Flip & Gary West’s Oglebay Story

Gary West and his wife, Flip, are long-time Wheeling residents who enjoy the value that Oglebay Park brings to the community.

“We come to OglebayFest every year. We get a cabin,” Gary notes. “Flip likes to cook, so she invites 20 people to come in so she can cook for them–”

“And they’re all staying in the chalet,” Flip interjects.

“–and I keep saying, ‘Why don’t you cater it,’ and she says, ‘No, I want to cook.’ That’s her favorite.”

Flip and Gary have two daughters with fond memories of Oglebay. “Anytime they come back, they always want to come to Oglebay and refresh their memories,” Gary adds.

“And we did Gary’s family reunion up here last Thanksgiving. We kept saying, ‘Where do you all want to go,’ and every one of them said, ‘Oglebay Park.'”

Flip describes the warm feelings that are evoked when you arrive at the park. “You see the care in this park that comes through [Chairman Randy Worls] and his staff, that–you can’t help it but be overwhelmed.” She goes on to describe the park’s entrance. “It’s like curb appeal in a house,” she recounts. “You know when you come up here–this is the beginning of a good thing.”

As a retired business owner and philanthropist, Gary understands the constant uphill struggle inherent in maintaining such vibrant landscapes and up-to-date facilities as are found in the park. “I’m hoping that the local community will help the park in many ways–in their wills and their trusts, and, as we go along, their cash deposits to the park. They’ll come back tenfold to the public.” He and his wife have invested in the development of the West Spa and continue to make generous contributions to the Foundation. “We just talk, and the next day I say, ‘Flip, we are going to do this for Oglebay,’ and she says, ‘Oh, that’s great! When were you going to tell me?!'”

Flip stresses the need for donations in support of the park. “I can’t imagine anyone living here–or anyone in the Tri-State Area that comes to this park–not wanting to be a part of it,” she explains. “When you donate to the park, you are part of the park.”

“It’s a great investment that all people in Ohio County can make.”


When you donate to the park, you are part of the park.

– Flip West on donating to the Oglebay Foundation

Oglebay Fest 2015