Annual Giving

In 1924, the first Wheeling Park Commission annual campaign was formed to purchase Wheeling Park and develop the property into a public space. Over 6 days, 170 individuals raised $352,845 ($5 Million in today’s dollars) toward the purchase of the park. The goal was reached at 7:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve and Wheeling Park opened May 30, 1925.

Over the past nine decades, gifts from a wide range of supporters that believe in Oglebay and Wheeling Park’s power to transform lives and improve community have been crucial to the success and growth of the parks.

Thanks to thousands of contributors, annual fund campaigns have resulted in the construction and renovation of major park facilities including the White Palace, Good Zoo, and Bissonnette Gardens. Today, your annual gifts are more important than ever.


“I have believed for a long time that one of the greatest needs of our community was a public park… The last available space for a project of this character, that is conveniently located, and that is easily accessible to the city as a whole, is this tract of land known as Wheeling Park; and, unless advantage is taken of the offer referred to in the newspapers, the opportunity to obtain this site will be lost to our city forever.”

– W.E. Stone, December 19, 1924, at the time of his $100,000 gift that launched the first campaign


While cash is often the easiest gift to make, two other options also make great sense.

Stocks can be donated easily and quickly to The Oglebay Foundation. You or your broker can call our office at 304-243-4166 to start the process. Stocks that have grown in value provide the best gift, and you won’t owe any capital gain tax. Your federal tax deduction will be at the higher current value, and you’ll know your gift will help as you specify.

For those age 70 ½ who have funds in an Individual Retirement Account, you can use those funds to support The Oglebay Foundation, meet the required minimum distribution for the year, and avoid all federal and West Virginia taxes on the gift amount. Contacting the plan administrator will start the process. Ask that a check payable to The Oglebay Foundation be sent to us to make it work.

Annual donors are recognized as Friends of Oglebay – a growing group of dedicated people who share the pride that Oglebay and Wheeling Park are unique and extraordinary. As members and contributors to the annual fund, the Friends of Oglebay ensure that our parks are accessible to everyone and preserved forever.

Annual gifts have an immediate impact in the lives of local youth, in the natural beauty of the parks, and the future growth of park programs.

Join with the thousands of other friends who annually support the relationships that provide for an unparalleled living and learning experience by making your gift now.

To give an annual gift to The Oglebay Foundation, call 304-243-4166 or email